Trends in Graduate Recruitment Within the IT Industry: Find the Hottest Jobs With the Hottest Salaries

Finding a good job upon graduation might be easier than you think… if you have the right information.

Recent reports have shown that the IT industry is witnessing staggering growth, equivalent to that seen in the mid-to-late nineties when the internet was in its infancy. This has led to the creation of many new lucrative and exciting job opportunities within the IT industry for college grads.

The ever-increasing popularity of smartphones and tablet computers and the increasingly vast influence of social media on our personal and professional lives, as well as the more recent development of Cloud Computing have necessitated the creation of new roles that had previously not existed.

Insider information is showing that as businesses scramble to stay ahead of the game, they are actually having difficulty finding people with experience to fill these new roles, simply because there are so many new jobs to be filled.

So what does this mean for a student? One of the problems graduates have faced when attempting to enter the IT sector is that many companies have required both experience and highly specialized qualifications. But amazingly, it is now possible to find a job within a high-tech job field with little or no job experience, and also in some cases, without the exact qualifications that were previously mandatory, such as a college degree in Computer Science.

In fact, it now seems that the ‘youth’ which students possess is actually a benefit as opposed to hindrance, because many companies presume a correlation between the freshness of new technological breakthroughs, and the supposed dynamism of younger employees.

So what does the IT crowd consider to be the most exciting and lucrative of these new jobs and how much can one expect to be paid?

Mobile Application Developer

A Mobile Application Developer is responsible for creating software applications, commonly known as ‘APPs’, for low-power hand-held hardware devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. These apps are designed to help users to perform all manner of everyday tasks, and are proving hugely popular as the market for this software is expanding at an exponential rate.

As Apple reported app sales of $4B USD in 2011, the job market for Apple iOS-related positions rose by approximately 220% from 2010 to 2011. These figures alone illustrate the huge demand for workers within Mobile Application Development, and the exciting prospects for those new to the workplace.

How much can people in this sector expect to earn? The average salary for Mobile Application Developers in the US as of 2012 is $105,000.

Social Media Manager

The main focus of a Social Media Manager is the use of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to attract customers to their company’s products or services, and to organize campaigns to build brand awareness and to integrate social media within marketing strategies. As this article was being written, postings on the site alone showed 47,952 listings for Social Media Managers in the US, illustrating the phenomenal desire of companies to fully integrate the use of social media within their organizations.

What this means for graduates is that one does not necessarily need specific highly technical IT-based qualifications to become a Social Media Manager – many companies are hiring people with a bachelors degree in any subject who show themselves to be highly organized and who encouragingly are often fresh out of college.

Salary? Across the USA, salaries for Social Media Managers range from around $48,000-$116,000, with the average salary being around $57,000.

Cloud Architect

Cloud Architecture involves facilitating the storage, analysis, and processing of data remotely via the internet, as opposed to storing data using costly physical systems such as local hard drives and servers. A February 2012 survey of 100 executives at large companies showed that 68% of companies are making plans to migrate their systems toward cloud technology in the near future in hopes of huge cost savings.

Cloud Architecture is a highly specialized field and one that does require a college degree in Computer Science, but anyone who is newly qualified or about to be qualified should be encouraged by the staggering demand for their skills. According to a March 2012 analysis of recruitment trends by Wanted Analytics, 5,000 jobs were posted online in that month, which is a startling 92% increase from the previous survey taken in March 2011.

How much can people in this sector of IT expect to earn? The average salary for a Cloud Architect is about $100,000.

Go For it!

It is definitely possible for college graduates to find interesting and lucrative jobs as a direct result of the boom that the IT industry is witnessing. In the midst of all the doom and gloom of the current recession, this should be tremendously reassuring to everyone.

This does not mean that finding an appointment of this caliber will be easy – far from it. Companies advertising the type of positions mentioned in this post generally still require applicants to have college degrees, and in some cases – cloud architecture being a prime example – highly technical, IT-related qualifications.

Ultimately, what students and graduates should keep in mind is that because experience is no longer absolutely necessary, the right attitude and a good level of determination will set them on the path to earning that coveted $100,000+ salary in a fulfilling and interesting job.

Author’s Bio: Arthur Rosenfeld covers recruitment-related topics for Match Relevant, an IT Staffing agency dedicated to matching great talent with young start-up companies.